PR Connection One: 5sPR

10/09/2010 § 5 Comments

I didn’t think I would ever really want to get involved in the PR industry. I would sit in class and think to myself, “I just want to be a writer for a magazine, I don’t care about PR.” Little did I know how much I would regret saying those words. I have come to realise just how much PR and Journalism are related and not only that but have found that I actually enjoy PR almost more than I do writing.

PR is all about networking and linking a brand or client to the media and in turn, exposing them to consumers. PR is a way of selling a brand and making sure that all of the press is helping the brand or client become more popular and successful. When looking at a way to connect PR to myself, my first thought went straight to 5s pr.

5s pr is a PR firm based out of Boston Massachusetts and is a “small boutique agency, specializing in beauty, fashion and  lifestyle media relations, [they] understand what the media wants, but more importantly… the power of word of mouth buzz, and how to create it.”

I found 5s pr whilst I was job hunting. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with myself after graduation so began to go outside of my “journalism” mentality and started looking for PR jobs. When I found this firm, my heart skipped a beat. It was everything I wanted in a job and more. Location was perfect: Boston is my favourite city in America. Clients: an absolute dream– working with businesses in the fields of fashion, photography, and beauty. Size: perfect for not getting lost in the hustle and bustle of work.

This firm is amazing “through exposure to print, broadcast and online media, 5s Public Relations & Special Events strategically implements client-specific public relations strategies for those wishing to increase their recognition, drive profits and gain national exposure through the power of public opinion generated via media coverage. With a combined seven years experience in the public relations industry, the proprietors at 5s Public Relations have an innovative approach to client-media relations, extensive experience in a vast array of luxury clientele and a dedicated work ethic with a vested interest in our clients.  Past and present national broadcast and print media coverage includes prestigious outlets like The Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show,PeopleGlamourInStyleShape, and Elle to name a few.”

You should definitely check out for more information and to see just how amazing this firm really is!


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  • jgjonespr says:

    Hey Jessica! That sounds like such an awesome PR firm. It definitely seems like something you would fit perfectly into. I never knew how similar PR and journalism was until this past year. They both go hand and hand. Its exciting though that PR is starting to fit into what you want to do. I say, definitely go for this 5s pr thing. You seem to feel passionate about it, which (Im sure) they will love. I know you would be a great addition to that firm! Great post! Ill definitely look into 5s pr.

  • Wow!! This sounds like it would be such an interesting place to work. I totally understand the whole job hunt struggle as well. I interned for a baseball team this summer and was convinced that I only wanted to work in sports. However, upon looking through the different jobs out there, I have found that I would be open to a lot more opportunites. It is important to not be too picky when first looking for a job or else you could miss a really great opportuinity. Good luck!

  • Good post, Jessica! That firm sounds fabulous! I’m interested in talking to you about Boston. I’m definitely going to look into learning more about 5s pr. Are there other firms you’ve discovered that you are interested in working with?. I can somewhat relate to your thoughts about PR and journalism, but reversed. I actually went into PR while hoping to avoid journalism as much as possible, but I’ve now realized that expectation is definitely not realistic! I’ve found myself enjoying writing more and more because of all the blogs professor Nixon has been assigning us. I hope you get to do everything you hope at your job. Good luck with the job hunting!

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