Reading Notes Chapter 1 Comm 4363

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*Identity: –What the organization stands for, above all else

Examples: Johnson and Johnson, General Electric, Starbucks, Catholic Church, New York Times

*Harris-Fombrun Reputation Quotient

•Grouped into what are referred to as “dimensions of reputation”

–products and services

–financial performance

–workplace environment

–social responsibility

–vision and leadership

–emotional appeal

*5 Strategies for Reputation Building

1.Target key areas that really matter to your organization.

2.Target the leaders but do not stop there.

3.Identify the emerging players.

4.Use your organizational resources.

5.Always be the first to tell the “news” to your constituency—particularly  if it is bad news.

*Edelman Public Engagement Model

1.Democratic and decentralized

2.Inform the conversation

3.Engagement with influencers of all types

4.Reputation is built on policy and communication

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