TOW 2: Blog Comments COMM4363 and COMM4333

24/09/2010 § Leave a comment

Blog comments are so important because they give feedback to the writer and allows them to see that they are actually reaching an audience. Sometimes, when you blog, you can begin to feel like you are talking to no one. You don’t have “friends” you are writing to or “followers” you are mentioning. You are expressing your feelings on a matter or spreading your wealth of knowledge on a subject and you can’t see who is reading what you write. Having comments allows for interaction.

Comments also allow for the audience to ask questions and learn more on the subject. Most of the blogs that people read are of interest to them. Having the option to get a bit more personal with the blogs can really engage the reader and can open them up to more information on the subject.

Another great aspect of commenting is back linking. When writing comments, adding your website can do wonders for your own blog or website that you represent. It not only allows the writer to take a look at your writing or business but it allows other people who are reading the blog, to take a look at what you are doing as well.

My advice for writing a great blog comment is to keep it short. Most people don’t want to read another article; that is what your back link is for. Also, people normally just skim the comments looking for key phrases so keeping it short makes it more likely that they will read your comment and see your link. I also think you should know what you are talking about. People who just comment for the sake of a back link normally will just get delete so if you actually say something worth reading, your comment could be published. My last piece of advice is to be respectful. No one likes to see rude comments. Keep it respectful and you will go far.


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