TOW Week 5 and 7: Week of Twitter

04/10/2010 § Leave a comment

I have to say that I’m not new to Twitter. I’ve been using this social media for about a year and a half now and at first, I must admit, I used it as a means to be updated on the latest Rob Pattinson news. Guilty as charged. I can’t help it. I was obsessed. Now that he is all big and famous, that has died down quite a bit, but I’ll save all of that for another blog, shall I? Back to Twitter.

Twitter was a means for me to gather news on all the latest celebrity gossip, sneak peaks for my favourite shows (GLEE!!!), and alerted me to all the designer sample sales in my area. Not that I don’t use Twitter for all of those things now, but I must admit, upon my first 6 months of twitter, I don’t think I actually sent out a tweet. I reserved my thoughts for my Facebook status’ because that’s where my friends were located and I didn’t think Joe Jonas really cared about my play by play of last week’s GLEE episode. However, as time passed I began to use twitter as a means of connecting with people and learning more about PR and Journalism.

During this week of twitter, I was surprised that people actually read my tweets. I know that may sound a bit crazy, but I hadn’t had much response to the things that I was posting, but since this week, I have come to see that what I say is actually getting read and that further drove the point home that what I say does matter.

I think I would further like to see how I can use twitter for my benefit rather than just a place to gather information and to provide my life’s commentary. Following PR practitioners and journalists in the field that I would love to work in (entertainment), has really helped me to gage whether or not this is something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life and has opened my eyes to what the world has to offer.

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