PR Connection: Grammer Matters

06/10/2010 § 4 Comments

So.. did you happen to catch the grammatical error in the title of this lovely post? No? Well then this PR Connection might be helpful to you. Grammar is really important when it comes to not only PR work but journalism as well. Since the two go hand in hand I thought it would be wise to address both. PR practitioners have the lucky job of writing and sending out press releases and statements that could, and mostly likely would, be seen by many people. It is imperative that when composing such writings we do our best to be grammatically correct.

The other day, my sister’s roommate posted a link to a site that she recommended Holland, my sister, would enjoy reading during Biology class. Yes, during class. I don’t condone that type of behaviour at all, but that is an entirely different post all together. However, being an avid Facebook stalker (we all know we do it at some point and time) I, of course, had to see this website for myself. It is called and I have to say that it is extremely hilarious.

This website, in case you have not heard of it, is dedicated to posting letters that any body can send in to them, but it has to start out as Dear…. and end with an appropriate signature. The letters aren’t long at all and remind me of Jimmy Fallon’s weekly segment of “thank you cards,” and again, if you haven’t seen it you really must. HILARIOUS. The letters are addressed to numerous things, people, characters, etc etc, and as I was scrolling through all of these  I happened across one in particular that really caught my eye and made me laugh completely out loud. It is as follows:

“Dear People,

There is a huge difference between ‘Let’s eat Grandma!’ and ‘Let’s eat, Grandma!’ I save lives.

Sincerely, Comma.”

This had me in stitches! After I recovered it got me really thinking about grammar and as to how much a little comma is really valuable in written work. Sometimes we forget that things can be read in a different tone, fluidity and style just from the punctuation we add or in the case of the letter above, lack to include.

So next time you go to write an article or press release, think about Grandma and how you would like to enjoy a meal with her, not of her.

**for your enjoyment, an installment of Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes.


§ 4 Responses to PR Connection: Grammer Matters

  • jemolitor says:

    I was scrolling down the page when I saw the line of “Let’s eat Grandma!” and I had to read the whole article to see what in the world it was about! Grammar is a tough subject since it’s a big problem with writing today. It’s especially important to be grammatically correct in the PR world. It’s strange to think that a comma has the ability to change the whole tone or idea of a sentence. Imagine an entire press release with misplaced commas and grammatical errors. I agree with you that so easily things can be taken wrong, read incorrectly due to punctuation. Thanks for making me realize you can still find humor even when working on our grammar skills!

  • daverlapham says:

    I love the letter from the comma. People often screw up small things that can create a huge difference in the outcome of the sentence. I know that I make this mistakes a lot and therefor my writing suffers. Even if you are a compelling writer, you have to be able to use punctuation correctly. If you fail to do so, your message you are trying to get across will become all screwed up. Grammar and public relations go hand in hand, we must learn this fast. Great post Jessica, your a talented writer.

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