Topic of the week 4: Cleaning your Copy

06/10/2010 § Leave a comment

After doing the News U: Cleaning your Copy course, I really learned a lot that would not only be an asset to apply to my life in general but to my work life as well. This News U was all about how important Grammar, Style, and Punctuation are in the PR industry. They gave out helpful hints on what issues most people have with grammar, ways in which to recognize the mistakes, tricky words that stump the best of us and the correct way to abbreviate, use punctuation, and how to spell.

This course was basically a comprehensive and condensed version of the AP style guide. I really enjoyed this course because I find the AP style guide to be a bit tedious and confusing. I like to just have tabs or specific locations to look to find the information I am searching for, instead of having to check the index, be redirected to another part in the index, and finally turn to the page that actually tells you the information. This guide had tabs dedicated for each specific topic: Grammar, Style, Punctuation, and Spelling and then under those, there were tabs for specific areas such as Modifiers, Commas, and Abbreviations.

I never knew what a modifier was until I took this course. Modifiers are words or phrases that describe something in your sentence and if placed in the sentence incorrectly, the entire thing can sound unclear or inaccurate. I also never realised how much words confuse me, especially pronouns! When I did the practise at the end of the pronoun section, I definitely missed the errors a few times. I guess i’ll get better with practise!

I think the think I wish I knew more after taking this course is more about spelling. I have a really difficult time with it. Sometimes I catch my self thinking about a simple word and the way it sounds and then I can’t spell it. For instance, the other day I was going to type the word “could” and was stumped. Sad to admit it but the silent “l” got me for a second. This course did a great job going over a lot of things in detail but they could have focused on spelling for the illiterate ones like me.


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