Topic of the Week 4 COMM 4363: Friend or Foe

07/10/2010 § Leave a comment

We were asked by our professor to listen to the podcast “Social Media:Friend or Foe.” It was really interesting because social media can go either way; it really depends on how you use it and how the customer perceives it. This podcast was hosted by Shel Holtz and  had a panel discussing the topics concerning social media. Mark Ragan mentioned that role playing would be involved and that this podcast would be  very interactive. Ragan played the role of a CEO of a company and the panel tried to convince  him that social media has it’s advantages. Some of the points that the panel brought up were that it helps build relationships with the consumers and  also shows the public people that the company values the public’s support. Using social media also is a way to personally advertise the company and really relates to consumers on a deeper level. Not only will the consumer feel like they are appreciate and special, but it is also free.

Many companies today are using various forms of social media in order to connect with their clients and get their brand out there. Personally speaking, I follow several companies all on twitter; Starbucks, Nylon Magazine, E! Entertainment, and Daily Candy. While most of them are media companies, I really love how they keep their followers updated and it makes me tune in. With Starbucks, I’ll admit, I started to follow them just to see if I got a discount or something free, but they really do keep you updated on what is going on in their company; pretty valuable information in my opinion. Also, Starbucks runs ads on Facebook and hosts some “free coffee” days periodically. Those incentives really make me want to keep purchasing my coffee from them.

Social media, in my opinion is more of a friend than a foe, but negatives always come with the positive. Being an optimistic person, I’ll just stick to the positive!


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