Feature Writing Tips

21/10/2010 § 2 Comments

A feature story is very different than a news story. A news story is really direct and its purpose is to inform the readers of a particular event. A feature story is more of a soft piece. One that is created to engage readers and to appeal to a deeper more emotional level. Here are 10 tips for writing a great feature story.

  1. “The introduction is the most important part – entice your reader, hook them in. Usedrama, emotion, quotations, questions, descriptions.” (econnect)
  2. Take your time telling the story. The story is to draw in the reader so make it exciting and engaging.
  3. Add great details to the story. Details can really help paint the picture of the story you are telling.
  4. “Rhetorical questions help to involve the reader.” (squidoo)
  5. “The use of direct quotes personalises the topic.” (squidoo)
  6. Doing a feature on a specific person can add personality and intimacy to a story.
  7. “Avoid clichés (cutting edge, world beating, revolutionary ) and sentimental statements -especially at the end of your article.” (econnect)
  8. Conduct interviews. They can help give a bit more insight into what you are writing about and give a different perspective
  9. “the conclusion should be written to help the reader remember the story – use a strong punchline” (econnect)
  10. “Another way to begin a feature article is to tell a story or an anecdote” (journalism)








§ 2 Responses to Feature Writing Tips

  • afurmage says:

    Great list. I really liked tip number two: “Take your time telling the story. The story is to draw in the reader.” This is one of the hardest elements for journalists to grasp. Usually when writing a hard news story, it is recommended to get as much information out there as quickly as possible. The first paragraph has to include the answer to the 5W’s-1H. However, this is different when writing a feature. The story must be very detailed, exciting, and engaging. We tend to want to get to the action right way, ignoring the characters and the atmosphere. As news writers we have to master two totally different styles of writing! Thanks for the reminder that it’s ok to take your time in some cases.

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