TOW Week 9: PR OpenMic

23/10/2010 § Leave a comment

I had never heard of PR Open Mic before but for our topic of the week  we were assigned to create a profile and to discuss what this social network offers PR students and practitioners. Once I create a profile, I have to say I fell in love. Now, I must admit I am a social network addict. I check Facebook more times that I blink, Twitter is becoming an obsession, and now, thanks to my PR class, I am going to be spending a good amount of time on this site as well. These social networks allow me to stay in touch with everyone; not just friends and family but celebrity gossip, world news, and even my professors. Without social networks I would be lost.

It is a shock to me that other fields in the workforce haven’t taken to make a specific social network like PR OpenMic has done. This is a great place to connect with like minded people allowing for networking and motivation to better ourselves in our line of work. Once I created a profile, which was super easy, and chose my theme I was well on my way! What I loved about this site was it acts as like a middle man between Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. You get to create a unique and creative profile with such things like a media player to make it a bit more personable. Plus, you get to have status updates that keep your friends informed on what you are doing in regards to PR. Like Twitter, it restricts your character count but it just helps you stay concise.

Another great thing that this site provides for PR students are helpful links on the home page, connecting students with articles and videos that can aid in bettering your self as a PR practitioner. On the home page are links to jobs as well, which I found to be particularly helpful considering graduation is 9 weeks away!

Lastly I really liked that the site had a spot for PR podcasts that are recommended for you to hear. This just helped incorporate media and technology use that is so vital in this line of work. This site really allows you to expand and broaded your horizons in the PR field and I think that everyone who thinks of themselves as a PR person should connect to this site and create a page.

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