TOW Week 8: The Lead Lab Comm 4333

23/10/2010 § Leave a comment

NewsU’s The Lead Lab was extremely interesting. Writing a news lead can be complicated and really can stretch your creativity, but once mastered can be something that really enhances your writing and can draw in the readers quite quickly. NewsU’s Lead Lab gave some helpful tips and quality information that can assist any budding PR practitioner or journalist who are trying to better their writing and expand their audience.

I learned from this lab the different leads that one can use when writing a story. There are basically two types of leads a direct lead and a delayed lead. The direct lead can get to the point of the story up front where as the delayed lead can take it’s time and really grab the readers interest. The NewsU Lead Lab describes these two really well by saying they are “tell me the news” or “tell me a story” leads. There are several other leads that stem from each of these two leads. From a direct lead there are summary leads and analysis leads. From delayed leads there are anecdotal, significant detail, round-up and emblem leads.

One thing that surprised me was how much easier writing a delayed lead rather than a direct lead is for me personally. Even though a direct lead is informative and concise, I enjoy writing more creative and intriguing leads and so the words flow out of me more through a delayed lead. I discovered this on the practise portion of the lab.

During this lab, I think I would have loved to see more examples of great leads. Seeing what a good lead looks like really helps better my own writing and allows me the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t. I like to be shown what is asked of me instead of just going at it blindly. Having examples could really benefit other writers to help spawn some creative direction.



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