Reading Notes Chapter 14: PR Consulting

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Who are PR Consultants?

  • PR Consultants work in firms and offer advice and services for a fee

The key to success is a truly collaborative culture.

  • this means that the culture puts the firm first and really exercises teamwork

Building and maintaining positive partnerships with clients may be the most important skill a consultant possesses

Tom Harris discovered that “Chemistry” was the highest-ranked element in defining a satisfied client

An ex-newspaperman named Ivy Lee created one of the first consulting firms in 1904. Lee is also credited with inventing the press release.

“Deming’s theory of management:

1. People are most effectively motivated and inspired by a mix of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Intrinsic motivation comes from the sheer joy of performing an act, and releases human energy that can be focused into improvement and innovation of a system.

2. Manage using both a process and results orientation, not only a results orientation. Management’s job is to improve and innovate the processes that create results, not just to demand results

3. Management’s function is to optimize the entire system so that everyone wins, not to maximize only his or her component of the system. Managers must understand that individuals, organizations, and systems of organizations are interdependent.

4. Cooperation works better than competition. In a cooperative environment, everybody wins. Customers win products and services they can brag about. The firm wins returns for investors and secure jobs for employees. Suppliers win long-term customers for their products. The community wins an excellent corporate citizen.” (Reputation Management)





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