TOW:10 and 12 Blog Stats

28/10/2010 § Leave a comment

This week we are to take a look at our blog stats and access the situation. Having done blogs before, I am quite accustom to the way blog stats work. Basically, on your dashboard page, on the right hand side, there is a section entitled blog stats. Normally there is a chart mapping out the views your blog has received over the course of a selection of dates. Now, you can modify this chart by viewing your daily or even monthly stats.

This feature gives you a chance to see how many people are reading your posts and can motivate you to expose your blog so you can reach more people. Also, it tells you what post was the most active and even where people are finding your blog; whether it be from google search or a blog comment. According to my stats, my peak days are Friday’s and Sunday’s. I’m guessing this is because our blogs for class are due at these times and my class mates are commenting on my posts. So far, I’ve had 129 views since I created this blog about 2 months ago. It isn’t a terrible stat but it isn’t great. Clearly, I’m not reaching anyone outside of my classes.

If I were a PR Practitioner and this blog was a means of me communicating and networking, I would need to step up my game and gain some more viewers. Using the Blog Stats page, I could assess my situation and try see where I need to improve. I can accomplish this by doing more blog comments on multiple and diverse blogs. By adding a ping back or a link to my blog, I can gain more viewers.

If it weren’t for the Blog Stat page, I would never know who my blog was reaching and whether or not it was successful. This added feature is highly important, especially in the PR field because it allows us to expand our connections and get the word out on our clients or any of the various things covered in our blog.




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