Taylor Swift sings for Jet Blue Passengers

29/10/2010 § 1 Comment

This past Wednesday, Taylor Swift serenaded Jet Blue passengers who were traveling through the new state of the art terminal at JFK airport in New York City. Swift’s new CD, Speak Now, was just released and after promoting the CD and attending several launch events, Swift showed up at Terminal 5 and performed for the Live from T5 concert series.

According to the news release, “JetBlue’s Live from T5 concert series debuted in 2009 with performances by Dan Dyer, Nicole Atkins, American Princes, Alberta Cross and Justin Townes Earle, among others. JetBlue also hosted its first-ever Silent Disco with DJ Mark of VHS or Beta, to celebrate Halloween in 2009. The concert series was developed in partnership with Superfly Marketing Group – a division ofNew York-based Superfly Presents – a multi-dimensional entertainment and marketing company with expertise in strategy development, creative programming, and lifestyle event production. Live from T5 features hand-picked emerging artists from around the U.S. on select evenings throughout the year. During 2010 the series hosted artists like Sarah McLachlan and rock band Daughtry,” (prnewswire).

This event was great from a PR standpoint. It helped promote Swift’s new CD and really gave Jet Blue some positive press. With the whole scandal of the Jet Blue flight attendant, the airline was in dire need of something that would give their name some positivity and what better way of doing that then with associating with the wholesome and oh so lovable Taylor Swift?

Thanks to NY Magazine, a bit of the details about the show was available, which for a fan of Swift, which I am guilty of being, was  really what I wanted to hear about. According to the magazine, about 500 people showed up for the concert and some even flew in just for the occasion.

“Others flew in just for the show, figuring plane tickets were cheaper than the black market for Swift’s regular concert tickets. True, but most concerts don’t get delayed because of fog. One family that flew in from Tampa to see her had arrived at JFK in the morning, left the airport to enjoy a day in the city, and came back to find their post-show flight home canceled; as a result, their access back into the terminal was revoked, and an hour before the show, they were left stranded outside the security check-in. They weren’t sure which was more disappointing: being stuck in New York, or being stuck outside the concert,” (NY mag).

That is really unfortunate for the family. But I’m sure Jet Blue were just reaping the rewards from this concert in the terminal. Well, played Jet Blue. Well played.



Sources: Photos: Just Jared

News Release: PR Newswire

Coverage: NY Mag


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  • jgjonespr says:

    Oh how I wish I would have known about this! Having my mom work for the airlines makes it easy to fly cheap and last minute. If only I knew…On a different note, I think Jet Blue did a great job with this one! Taylor Swift is known for being an all American sweetheart – im sure they needed something like this to represent them and their airline. Especially after the flight attendant scandal that happened a few months ago. Its always good to replace bad thoughts in peoples minds with something new and exciting.

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