TOW 8 and 12: Podcasts

29/10/2010 § Leave a comment

For the topic of the week, we are to listen to several podcasts and discuss how podcasts could benefit PR students and practitioners. Personally, I’m not a podcast fan. I tend to become easily bored and distracted. I am a very visual person and really need to be engaged and entertained. Podcasts take all of that away and leaves you with audio to be the only sort of stimulation. Video podcasts would be more up my alley, but even then the videos would have to hold my attention in order for me to draw anything out of them.

However, with that said, podcasts still can be informative and really beneficial for the PR practitioner or student. They do provide you with a more personable way of communicating and can make it for easier access. For instance, you can upload a podcast onto your iPod, plug your device into your car and listen on your way to work/school. Podcasts are convenient and for those who are more of a listener, could be something one might want to invest in subscribing to.

The first podcast I chose to listen to was Marketing over Coffee. They did a podcast entitled Night of the Living Twitter Coach. At first listen it sounded like it could be really interesting. I am an obsessive social networker. Not so much on Twitter but I’m getting there and I was really excited to hear how marketing and Twitter could go hand in hand. The presenters started the podcast by discussing the new things going on in Google. The new analytics just came out and Tim Streets, one of the presenters, got an email from Google Adsense and basically discussed how by using the anaylitcs and Adsense you could make more money. Another topic they discussed was the new Mac Book Air. The hosts really believe that it is so great it is going to push the bottom of the Mac book line out. New software is out as well. iPhoto and iMovie are upgraded; iPhoto has taken features from Aperture and applied it to iPhoto which is great for those of us who don’t need the fancy photo software but still could benefit from its features.

The next podcast I listened to was Coming Up PR. This podcast is definitely different from Marketing over Coffee. Besides the obvious, discussing PR instead of Marketing, Coming Up PR is directed towards University students. This was a bit more followable for me and for a podcast, I did enjoy it. This episode was more of an interview. The hosts, Mary, Cheryl, and Mike, conducted an interview with one of their past classmates, Henry Dane. Henry works in the mining industry and reports to the head of internal communications. He writes for the internet and the company news letters. The questions were to provide the listeners with a little insight into the going ons in internal communication as well as some more information for job search purposes.

Both Podcasts held great information and told me things that I wouldn’t have known unless I listened. It was great hearing about PR and Marketing from others outside of my circle and who are actively engaged in the fields they were discussing.


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