Lady Gaga Course Offered at University of South Carolina

31/10/2010 § 3 Comments

So this news caught my eye for several reasons. One, Lady Gaga is one of my musical obsessions. Not only does she push boundaries with her art but her music is so much fun to rock out to. Her fashion is a little out there but I definitely secretly wish I could have my hair tied in a bow like her. She is fearless and challenges her fans to just love themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. In an age where plastic surgery is the norm, girls struggle with body image and not conforming to societies standards is an inherent problem, having someone in the spotlight say it is necessary to always be true to who you are is refreshing.

The second reason I love this news piece is that South Carolina is my home town. Now, I am not normally one to brag about where I am from. If it weren’t for knowing that God doesn’t make mistakes and places you exactly where He wants you, I would swear that I was not only born in the wrong state, but the wrong region, wrong country, and wrong era. But forsaking that thought process for a moment, I have to say I was excited that a sociology course on Lady Gaga is being offered next spring at USC.

Professor Mathieu Deflem is the one who has come up with this genius idea.” The professor says the class will examine Gaga’s rise to fame, while working to unravel the sociological relevancy of that fame.

This class is really a great PR campaign for the school. Being the first to offer this class has already boosted the schools coverage in the press. CNN has covered this news piece as well has been featured on Perez Hilton and Fox News.

Here is a bit of the CNN coverage.

Source: USC to offer class on Lady Gaga


§ 3 Responses to Lady Gaga Course Offered at University of South Carolina

  • This has GOT to be a joke! I think there is much to look into when it comes to Gaga and her rise to success, but a class? That’s a little much and seems like a waste. She doesn’t seem to have much positive influence on the public. Yes, she has chased her dreams and made, but HOW did she get there and WHY is she there? Not very respectable answers. Apart from being a part of the Illuminati, everything she represents is rather despicable. Lady Gaga 101, how interestingly humorous.

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  • jgjonespr says:

    This just seems to good to be true! But from reading your post, it seems legit! I would LOVE to take this class, just to see what it would be like. I love how Lady Gaga pushes limits and does not care what anyone thinks of her. I once saw an interview of her. The journalist asked, “Why do you dress the way you dress?” And she simply responded, “because its what America wants to see.” (Or something of that sort) I love that she gives America exactly what they are asking for. She definitely has made a name for herself because of her outrageousness. Although she has an amazing voice, I do not think she would have made it to fame without pushing these limits.

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