TOW 11: Infographics

03/11/2010 § 3 Comments

Infographics are visual graphics that represent information or data. They help provide information quickly and creatively instead of having just a bunch of figures. Publications, such as newspapers, love to use infographics, especially when it comes to providing information about the weather.

Infographics are all around us and sometimes we don’t even realise that is what they are. Traffic signs are infographics, especially the ones that use stick figures to represent a cross walk something of that nature. Other infographics that are common are transit maps that are used for public transportation.

Pie charts, bar graphs, or other diagrams are also considered infographics but they aren’t as creative as others. The more creative the likelihood that the information provided will be received and if it is simple and doesn’t need a key, it is even better. People respond to quick, easy, and creative things and infographics uses all of those to get information across.

For my client, the Central Florida chapter of The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, infographics can be really helpful. There are a lot of statistics and information that can be confusing so utilising infographics can get our information across productively and accurately.

In class the other day, we had to come up with an infographic for our company. My graphic was to show the representation of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients vs. volunteers to get the message across that in order to help find a cure more volunteers are needed. The patients would be represented by the CF logo and the volunteers would be stick figures with a BIG and BOLD V as their arms.

I wouldn’t know how to begin to make an infograph, except to send my idea and sketch to a graphics department. But I am not opposing to learn how to make this useful graphic.









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§ 3 Responses to TOW 11: Infographics

  • jemolitor says:

    Thanks for your post! It’s interesting to think that many people probably wouldn’t know what an infographic is even though we are surrounded by them. They seem like they are very helpful in our everyday life and could be very beneficial in marketing. I think as visual people, it’s better to keep things simple such as a pie chart or a sign to convey a message than to give us a lot of information all at once. I’ll have to remember to keep my eye out for all my surrounding infographics!

  • jgjonespr says:

    Hey Jessica! I really enjoyed this post. Infographics are definitely something I am for. I think photos or graphics give readers (or whoever) a good visual to go along side a post or presentation. I am a very visual person, so I happen to love infographics. it really lays things out and helps me understand what the person sharing the information is talking about.

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