TOW 11: Presentation Skills

03/11/2010 § 2 Comments

I am probably not the best person to seek advice from when it comes to presenting. Advice on whether or not those shoes goes with that shirt? Yeah, that I can do. Advice on where to travel? Duh, that is my specialty! Advice, on how to celebrity stalk? Guilty. But advice on how to stand up in a crowded room with people starring at you waiting with anticipated breath for you to say something meaningful and helpful. I want to run and hide.

As much as I hate presenting, it comes with the territory so it is something I’ve had to master. Here are ten tips that I have come up with to help with your presentation skills.

10. Be confident. That is a tough one to get past, especially when it comes to presenting but remember that EVERYONE has to do it at some point and they have had the same feelings about it as you do. Everyone gets nervous, but you will be fine. Be confident in what you are presenting and you’ll be golden.

9. Be prepared. That may seem simple enough yeah? One would think when presenting you would have all your material, but you would be surprised at how people come into a presentation without knowing the material or presenting with missing pieces. It doesn’t make you look good and it causes others to think you aren’t responsible.

8. Be excited. If you are excited about what you are presenting, others will be as well. So put a smile on and really sell what you are presenting!

7. Be engaged. Connect with your audience. Draw them in. Ask them questions or talk to them as if it were one on one. People appreciate it if you connect with them. It makes them feel special and appreciated, and we do appreciate them because they are our audience.

6. Be practised. Practise what you preach. Go over your presentation again and again until you know it by heart. If you are practised you won’t stumble or falter and that will help keep you engaged, excited, prepared, and confident.

5. Be aware. Make sure while you are presenting you are aware of your audience and your surroundings. Sometimes your audience might not be receptive to your presentation. Maybe you have prepared for a presentation that isn’t right for the audience. Adjust and improvise, that can help your presentation go over better.

4. Be respectful. Don’t drag on and on. Be respectful of your audience and their time. Make sure you have all the information but present it in a concise fashion. You can loose listeners fast if you bore them.

3. Be creative. Use videos, graphics, stories, etc etc, to spice up your presentation. Creativity is key and it is limitless.

2. Be relaxed. Stay calm and cool. Don’t be tense or scared, it will show through your presentation. If you are relaxed the audience will be relaxed and will pay attention to your material instead of the sweat that is pouring off your face.

1. Breathe. The simplest of all my tips but it is the most important. Catch your breath. Don’t spit out your 30 minute presentation in 15 because you were too nervous to breathe. Don’t rush. Take your time and breathe.



§ 2 Responses to TOW 11: Presentation Skills

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  • jgjonespr says:

    thanks so much for your advice! Public Speaking is definitely not my thing. I know that if I take your advice and really apply it – it can change everything! It is crazy how confidence can make or break how good of a public speaker you are! If I feel confident and don’t stress about making a good impression – I can actually do a better job! The only problem is, that rarely happens. haha. It is definitely something to work out though. Especially if I was to work in PR – good public speaking might be something I could really use.

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