10 Points for Gryffindor

17/11/2010 § 7 Comments

With tomorrow’s midnight opening, Harry Potter fan’s will be rejoicing for the first of the two part installment to be released. For weeks now, fans have been buying advance tickets and already this film is record breaking. Already this film has caused quite a stir for being the only film to be slated to play in 3,700 locations for a midnight showing, a feat that no film has ever achieved. After that, the film will be showing on over 9,000 screens across the country.

Showings everywhere have been sold out for days and because of the demand 3 a.m. showings have been added. The Cobb Theatre in Lakeland Fl has already had to go down that road, as both the midnight and 3 a.m. IMAX showings are already sold out. Don’t worry, I have my ticket.

So far it is reported that the film has already made $25 million in advance sales and shows no sign of stopping. I am curious though, is this record breaking film doing so well because of the Harry Potter series itself, the promotional appearances by the cast, ad campaigns, the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, or because it is the final installment of this series? My guess is that is is a mixture of all, but I have to say that the publicity for this film has been quality. The trailers are phenomenal, appearances by the cast on tv and print publications have been numerous, and the strategic opening of the theme park couldn’t have hurt. What are you thoughts?

§ 7 Responses to 10 Points for Gryffindor

  • afurmage says:

    I don’t know if it is because of my lack of television in my life these days, but I didn’t see the trailer for the new Harry Potter movie until about a month ago. However, when I saw the trailer, I knew this was something I had to see. I’ve been a fan of Harry Potter since 5th grade when the craze started emerging in the U.S., and even though I haven’t read the last 2 books, my interest hasn’t stopped because Harry Potter is always in the media somewhere. It is so rare that the craze of a 7-part series doesn’t fizzle out somewhere along the way. Because the quailty of the movies improves each time, fans keep flocking and it seems like to this installment more than ever. Also, awesome post title!

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  • John Cissel says:

    I love Harry Potter. I have read all the books at least over 2 times each. I believe the movie is going to be so big, is because the first six were like advertisement which lead people to read the book, a lot like the twilight series. They very much compliment each other and are both enjoyable. I think they also have done a great job advertising like you said through commercials. It is also cool to see the characters go on so many shows, and do so many interviews. Makes the movie more exciting and more personal, almost as if we have an agenda to see it!

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  • octobern says:

    Oh Harry Potter why are you so popular? I am sure the books are excellent and the actors portraying the characters in the movies do an excellent job, but I just don’t get into these witchcraft mystical movies. Maybe it is because of my age or maybe it is because I really have no time to watch movies. I do want to see what all the fuss is about and possibly catch the first one when it comes on television next. Who knows, I may become a fan.

  • jgjonespr says:

    I have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies (dont hate!). But I can imagine the crowds that will be there and the excitement coming from it. I kinda relate it to the Twilight movies. Waiting for one of those movies to come out seems like Christmas. Everyone is excited and stays up late is see it first. It is amazing to think about how much money these movies are making. I wonder what makes them such a phenomenon. Even though I am not planning on seeing the movie, I am excited for the fans that did! Seems like so much fun!

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