Glee Broke My Heart

01/12/2010 § 3 Comments

So this week we are to post any video that we would like to highlight.  I wasn’t planning on using this from a PR standpoint but as I think about it I think the two can relate.

First, I must preface by saying that if you haven’t figured it out yet I am a total GLEEK. For those of you who don’t know what that is, let me pick my jaw up off the floor and inform you that it is a GLEE fan. I wish there was a term for someone who is well above just being a GLEEK because that would describe me. I could spend days talking about why I am the biggest fan ever but I digress.

This post isn’t dedicated to that topic, however, it is to discuss the Finchel status that was so heartbreakingly ruined last night on GLEE. Finchel is the cute nickname given to power couple Finn and Rachel. I was promised by Ryan Murphy, through interviews of course, that this season Finn and Rachel would be together for the full season. LIES. Last night I sat at my computer with a knot in my stomach because my worst fear came true. Finn and Rachel are no more. At least until next week. I have 6 days to mourn and then a few hours before the show starts to hope that some how they will reunite in the “Very GLEE Christmas” episode.

Of course, I took to Twitter and Facebook to express my disappointment with GLEE that night as well as to see what everyone else was saying. Well, I happened across this video and I think it sums up all my emotions quite well. I wish I was sitting with these folks when I was watching. It would have been comforting.


§ 3 Responses to Glee Broke My Heart

  • jemolitor says:

    As a fellow Glee fan, I’m sure you’ll join me when I say OMG! That just happened! I was shocked too by their breakup. I’m not a GLEEK per say so I wasn’t as invested but I definitely was shocked. It’s amazing that you were able to go on Facebook and Twitter and people were writing about it. You’re able to connect with millions of others who were feeling the same thing you were with the help of social media. It’s an amazing thing to me. The reactions on this video were priceless. People who are very invested in the show and are true GLEEKS! 🙂

  • NOOOOOOO!!!! That was my reaction to the break up anyways. Even watching the video of them watching the show made my heart ache all over again. I guess not until you are on the outside watching in that you realize how invested you become in these characters lives. However, one of the great things about this show is that it has created a whole new community. People all over the world connecting through social media because of a two minute scene from a television show. It might seem silly to some, but in reality it is things like this that connect us to one another.

  • jgjonespr says:

    hahaha, that video! I am not 100% whats going on – but it makes me want to join in with the “Gleeks”. I have never watched an episode of “Glee”. but I have a feeling i would LOVE it. Even though I cant relate to this specific episode/show…I know the feeling! I am obsessed with a number of shows, and once something big happens (especially if its not a good thing) you will like your world just crumbled. As silly as that sounds. Why is it that these shows impact us so much?!

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