PR Rehash:PR Consulting

02/12/2010 § 1 Comment

Just a quick recap on PR consulting. Sometimes we tend to have information overload so it is wise to recap and refresh your brain. Don’t worry. It’ll start coming back to the front of your mind in no time, but just to help you out a bit I have come up with some points to help you jog your memory.


  • PR Consultants work in firms and offer advice and services for a fee
    • The key to success is a truly collaborative culture.
  • Building and maintaining positive partnerships with clients may be the most important skill a consultant possesses

How clients use consulting firms

  • Many clients ask their firms for advice and counsel on the activities of the organization and its communication.
  • Firms often provide creative idea development as well
  • Many clients use consulting firms to manage specific programs that are well contained and can be delegated to the firm with a minimum of staff oversight
  • clients employ consulting firms to get work done efficiently.


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  • jgjonespr says:

    Hey Jessica! Thanks so much for the post of information. Sometimes defining what a Public Relations Consultant, Public Relations Firm, or Public Relations in general can be kind of hard. I know its been hard for me. So many people ask me what Public Relations really is? I will definitely have to send them to this post to answer all of their questions. Thanks for proving this once again!

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