Update on Proposal Video

02/12/2010 § 3 Comments

So I called it. Sort of. The proposal video I mentioned a few weeks back is in fact a staged proposal. The proposal was conducted by Thinkmodo, a business specializing in marketing.

” Thinkmodo founder Michael Krivicka reveals:

“Since viral videos are both art and science, we wanted to merge both elements to introduce predictability to the videos’ success. As part of our ’study’ we staged an elaborate marriage proposal in Central Park and fused tech and romance to see how well each would be received if merged. Would men be drawn by the awesome iPhone app (which unfortunately doesn’t exist) or would women cry and wonder why Frank threw the ring (which was never in the box)? Since our video was covered by outlets like Glamour as well as CNET, we learned that, contrary to conventional wisdom, content can be made to appeal to both sexes without lessening the appeal to each.”

I knew this video was too good to be true. Here it is again, just in case you missed it.




Source: Perez Hilton: Read More: We Knew It Was A Hoax!! Called It! | PerezHilton.com http://perezhilton.com/2010-12-01-iphone-wedding-proposal-revealed-to-be-hoax#ixzz16zWqaRCp
Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

§ 3 Responses to Update on Proposal Video

  • jgjonespr says:

    I knew it! It had to be fake! Like I said in a previous comment, It all seemed to be just slightly “too” perfect. I cant imagine a proposal going over SO well coming from so many different angles in “hidden” cameras. haha. But I do think the idea was great! I would love to be in on something like this one day – setting up a pretend scene to prove a point or open eyes to a new product. Seems like so much fun!!

  • New Eyes says:

    I was sadden to hear that the video was not in fact real. I have to say that Thinkmodo had a genius marketing strategy.

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