Glee Broke My Heart

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So this week we are to post any video that we would like to highlight.  I wasn’t planning on using this from a PR standpoint but as I think about it I think the two can relate.

First, I must preface by saying that if you haven’t figured it out yet I am a total GLEEK. For those of you who don’t know what that is, let me pick my jaw up off the floor and inform you that it is a GLEE fan. I wish there was a term for someone who is well above just being a GLEEK because that would describe me. I could spend days talking about why I am the biggest fan ever but I digress.

This post isn’t dedicated to that topic, however, it is to discuss the Finchel status that was so heartbreakingly ruined last night on GLEE. Finchel is the cute nickname given to power couple Finn and Rachel. I was promised by Ryan Murphy, through interviews of course, that this season Finn and Rachel would be together for the full season. LIES. Last night I sat at my computer with a knot in my stomach because my worst fear came true. Finn and Rachel are no more. At least until next week. I have 6 days to mourn and then a few hours before the show starts to hope that some how they will reunite in the “Very GLEE Christmas” episode.

Of course, I took to Twitter and Facebook to express my disappointment with GLEE that night as well as to see what everyone else was saying. Well, I happened across this video and I think it sums up all my emotions quite well. I wish I was sitting with these folks when I was watching. It would have been comforting.



Guest Post

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For this weeks TOW, we are to feature a blog post that wasn’t written by us. This gives you a bit more insight into the views of others.

I chose to highlight a post from the wonderful Juliet Jones. She is amazing, not just as a person but creatively as well. She’s going places. This post is her tips on presenting. Really helpful if I do say so myself!

You can visit Juliet’s Blog Post here, or read it down below 🙂


TOW #11

November 4, 2010 by jgjonespr

Public Speaking can be a really scary thing. I personally do not enjoy it one bit. But there are ways you can overcome that fear. Here are some tips to help you be the best public speaker you can be.

1. Gather your Facts – It is never good to go into a presentation not knowing what your talking about. Hopefully if your giving a presentation in the first place, you know a little something about the subject your presenting. If you do not, do your research. Find facts about the presentation and look deeper into those facts. Gather your own thoughts on the information so that you can expand on the topic with your own opinion.

2. Dress the Part – It is always nice to dress professionally during a presentation. People will listen to you more if they think you are coming off professional. This even means your look. You do not want to go into a presentation wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. If your audience things you don’t care, they wont care.

3. Have some Visuals – Visuals can always help add that little extra something to a presentation. It keeps your audience’s attention and gives them visuals to view alongside your presentation. Powerpoint slides are great visuals to use!

4. Speak Clearly – Speak loud and clearly when presenting. Make sure everyone in the room can hear you, even those in the very back of the classroom. Also, do not rush your sentences. Make sure every sentence seems important and you take your time on each.

5. Eye Contact – Maintain eye contact throughout the entire presentation.

6. Ask questions – Ask questions to your audience members. Get them involved in the presentation to not only keep their attention, but to give you a breather!

7. Organize – Make sure your presentation is organized and has a great flow to it. Keep subjects consistent and within the same topic.

8. Make an outline – sometimes its good to do an outline of your presentation. It keeps you on track and helps you remember the important stuff.

9. Practice – Practice makes perfect! Do not forget to practice your presentation a few times before presenting it. It will give be confidence during the presentation and you will not feel that terrible feeling of “procrastination”.

10. Have fun – Do not forget to have fun! Even if you hate public speaking, make the best out of it! It is your time to shine and speak your mind! The attention is on you, and have fun with it!



TOW 11: Presentation Skills

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I am probably not the best person to seek advice from when it comes to presenting. Advice on whether or not those shoes goes with that shirt? Yeah, that I can do. Advice on where to travel? Duh, that is my specialty! Advice, on how to celebrity stalk? Guilty. But advice on how to stand up in a crowded room with people starring at you waiting with anticipated breath for you to say something meaningful and helpful. I want to run and hide.

As much as I hate presenting, it comes with the territory so it is something I’ve had to master. Here are ten tips that I have come up with to help with your presentation skills.

10. Be confident. That is a tough one to get past, especially when it comes to presenting but remember that EVERYONE has to do it at some point and they have had the same feelings about it as you do. Everyone gets nervous, but you will be fine. Be confident in what you are presenting and you’ll be golden.

9. Be prepared. That may seem simple enough yeah? One would think when presenting you would have all your material, but you would be surprised at how people come into a presentation without knowing the material or presenting with missing pieces. It doesn’t make you look good and it causes others to think you aren’t responsible.

8. Be excited. If you are excited about what you are presenting, others will be as well. So put a smile on and really sell what you are presenting!

7. Be engaged. Connect with your audience. Draw them in. Ask them questions or talk to them as if it were one on one. People appreciate it if you connect with them. It makes them feel special and appreciated, and we do appreciate them because they are our audience.

6. Be practised. Practise what you preach. Go over your presentation again and again until you know it by heart. If you are practised you won’t stumble or falter and that will help keep you engaged, excited, prepared, and confident.

5. Be aware. Make sure while you are presenting you are aware of your audience and your surroundings. Sometimes your audience might not be receptive to your presentation. Maybe you have prepared for a presentation that isn’t right for the audience. Adjust and improvise, that can help your presentation go over better.

4. Be respectful. Don’t drag on and on. Be respectful of your audience and their time. Make sure you have all the information but present it in a concise fashion. You can loose listeners fast if you bore them.

3. Be creative. Use videos, graphics, stories, etc etc, to spice up your presentation. Creativity is key and it is limitless.

2. Be relaxed. Stay calm and cool. Don’t be tense or scared, it will show through your presentation. If you are relaxed the audience will be relaxed and will pay attention to your material instead of the sweat that is pouring off your face.

1. Breathe. The simplest of all my tips but it is the most important. Catch your breath. Don’t spit out your 30 minute presentation in 15 because you were too nervous to breathe. Don’t rush. Take your time and breathe.



TOW 10: Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate responsibility is a really important part of Corporate PR. Corporate responsibility is expectations that either stakeholders or the government put into practise at any corporation. Basically a corporation has a set of guidelines or a code of conduct that they must adhere to in order be ethical and professional. Being irresponsible and not taking the code of conduct seriously can really hinder a company. Customers can loose faith in the business and therefore the corporation can suffer. Having a negative appearance in the public can be very damaging so a company must do everything in its power to act appropriately.

Going above and beyond just the code of ethics is important as well. Taking extra precautions and not just doing the minimum that is asked is part of corporate responsibility as well. Having the public’s support is important for business and making sure every measure is taken to insure that the public is happy is key. The public doesn’t want to see a company who has harassment issues or any other example that shows that a company isn’t taking care of their employees. People relate to personal stories and so if a person feels neglected or handled irresponsibly, the public most likely will retaliate and turn their business else where.

Complying with corporate responsibility is utterly important. When entering work with any corporation, whether you are working in PR or not, do your research and make sure you are following the corporation guidelines. We all have a responsibility to make sure that the company is represented well. You don’t have to be in the PR industry to contribute to positive PR. Remember when you work for a company; you become that company. Represent yourself well. That is corporate responsibility.

TOW 9: Crisis Communication

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Today in class we had an opportunity to do a live skype chat with Kathy Lovin, for you Twitter feigns @lovinkat, who is head of PR for Salvation Army. She discussed how to handle a crisis within your organization and ways to try stop a crisis from even beginning. Personally, I found this skype session to really enlightening. I’ve always wondered how a crisis is handled or diverted. For me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a PR crisis, I go straight for celebrity scandals. I’m sure this is because I am infatuated with entertainment and being a publicist for a celebrity would probably be the ultimate dream job, but I never once thought of a company or organisation experiencing a crisis. Not that I didn’t think they had any, but I just never thought about how they dealt with them.

To be honest, after hearing Kathy Lovin (you really have to say her whole name it is just so adorable) speak today, I found that celebrity crisis management and corporate crisis management weren’t really different. When a organisation experiences a crisis, using holding statements and using social networks as a means of resolving the crisis are key. This is very similar to what celebrities have to do when they go through a crisis as well. Now until Kathy Lovin spoke today, I didn’t really know what a holding statement was. A holding statement is a generic statement that you tell the public as a means of assuring them you are on top of the situation. Celebrities use this all the time, or at least their publicists do. Maybe they are something like ” I’m sorry and I’m admitting myself into rehab.” Okay, that one was a bit of a joke, but the concept is there.  The public needs to be assured that everything is under control and a holding statement takes care of that.

Another thing that was interesting is the idea of a vulnerability audit. This is something that you can do when you enter into an organisation or company and it gives you the opportunity to access the weaknesses and then when a crisis does strike you aren’t blindsided and have already mapped out a plan of how to handle the situation. Avoiding a crisis by monitoring rumours and news in the community, can also be a great tool when starting a PR job. Being prepared is really key.

Kathy Lovin presented some amazing points for us students to soak in and put into practise when we get our first PR job. I appreciated her speaking to the class and really benefitted from the things that she said.

TOW 8 and 12: Podcasts

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For the topic of the week, we are to listen to several podcasts and discuss how podcasts could benefit PR students and practitioners. Personally, I’m not a podcast fan. I tend to become easily bored and distracted. I am a very visual person and really need to be engaged and entertained. Podcasts take all of that away and leaves you with audio to be the only sort of stimulation. Video podcasts would be more up my alley, but even then the videos would have to hold my attention in order for me to draw anything out of them.

However, with that said, podcasts still can be informative and really beneficial for the PR practitioner or student. They do provide you with a more personable way of communicating and can make it for easier access. For instance, you can upload a podcast onto your iPod, plug your device into your car and listen on your way to work/school. Podcasts are convenient and for those who are more of a listener, could be something one might want to invest in subscribing to.

The first podcast I chose to listen to was Marketing over Coffee. They did a podcast entitled Night of the Living Twitter Coach. At first listen it sounded like it could be really interesting. I am an obsessive social networker. Not so much on Twitter but I’m getting there and I was really excited to hear how marketing and Twitter could go hand in hand. The presenters started the podcast by discussing the new things going on in Google. The new analytics just came out and Tim Streets, one of the presenters, got an email from Google Adsense and basically discussed how by using the anaylitcs and Adsense you could make more money. Another topic they discussed was the new Mac Book Air. The hosts really believe that it is so great it is going to push the bottom of the Mac book line out. New software is out as well. iPhoto and iMovie are upgraded; iPhoto has taken features from Aperture and applied it to iPhoto which is great for those of us who don’t need the fancy photo software but still could benefit from its features.

The next podcast I listened to was Coming Up PR. This podcast is definitely different from Marketing over Coffee. Besides the obvious, discussing PR instead of Marketing, Coming Up PR is directed towards University students. This was a bit more followable for me and for a podcast, I did enjoy it. This episode was more of an interview. The hosts, Mary, Cheryl, and Mike, conducted an interview with one of their past classmates, Henry Dane. Henry works in the mining industry and reports to the head of internal communications. He writes for the internet and the company news letters. The questions were to provide the listeners with a little insight into the going ons in internal communication as well as some more information for job search purposes.

Both Podcasts held great information and told me things that I wouldn’t have known unless I listened. It was great hearing about PR and Marketing from others outside of my circle and who are actively engaged in the fields they were discussing.

TOW:10 and 12 Blog Stats

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This week we are to take a look at our blog stats and access the situation. Having done blogs before, I am quite accustom to the way blog stats work. Basically, on your dashboard page, on the right hand side, there is a section entitled blog stats. Normally there is a chart mapping out the views your blog has received over the course of a selection of dates. Now, you can modify this chart by viewing your daily or even monthly stats.

This feature gives you a chance to see how many people are reading your posts and can motivate you to expose your blog so you can reach more people. Also, it tells you what post was the most active and even where people are finding your blog; whether it be from google search or a blog comment. According to my stats, my peak days are Friday’s and Sunday’s. I’m guessing this is because our blogs for class are due at these times and my class mates are commenting on my posts. So far, I’ve had 129 views since I created this blog about 2 months ago. It isn’t a terrible stat but it isn’t great. Clearly, I’m not reaching anyone outside of my classes.

If I were a PR Practitioner and this blog was a means of me communicating and networking, I would need to step up my game and gain some more viewers. Using the Blog Stats page, I could assess my situation and try see where I need to improve. I can accomplish this by doing more blog comments on multiple and diverse blogs. By adding a ping back or a link to my blog, I can gain more viewers.

If it weren’t for the Blog Stat page, I would never know who my blog was reaching and whether or not it was successful. This added feature is highly important, especially in the PR field because it allows us to expand our connections and get the word out on our clients or any of the various things covered in our blog.



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