12 Second SALE!!!

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So with Thanksgiving having just past and Black Friday holiday shopping trips clearing money away from your bank account, I’d like to take you back there for a moment. For weeks before the holiday season officially kicked off, advertisements for Black Friday were well underway on TV, Radio, and internet. Even mobile phones were advertising Black Friday sales via apps. Of course, Black Friday is an intense shopping day. Customers line up as early as Thanksgiving night just to get in and get the sales.


Black Friday has been known to be hazardous. Stampedes of people rushing through the doors can cause injury and I’m sure there has had to be deaths. But, these advertisements keep popping up, screaming at you to come to their store and get there as soon as possible to get the best deal.

This past Saturday, SNL did a great skit commercial really playing on the Black Friday commercials. Really funny and so on point.

Take a look. You won’t regret it.


Publicity Wedding Or True Love

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So Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are a busy making headlines once again. After very public wedding a few years back, the two were shroud in speculation on whether or not it was a Publicity stunt or actually legit. With countless interviews and declarations of love, the media was overtaken by “Speidi.” Fast forward two years and talks of divorce were being whispered. Again, was this a real split and not a publicity stunt was in question. The two held strong, saying that the split wasn’t a joke. However in September 2010, the two put the divorce proceedings on hold, claiming they have worked out their differences.

Again, lets fast forward a mere two months and the two are in the media again. This time retracting their statement that the divorce was real because “Montag and Pratt announced that the reason behind the couple’s divorce was to help Montag’s career. Pratt has said, ‘The divorce was real – just the idea behind it was different than most people. Divorcing was the only way to keep Heidi’s career going because everyone hated me so much. Look at Sandra Bullock – her divorce from Jesse James was the best thing to happen to her image.'” (Wikipedia).

Now the two are planning a wedding to renew their vows.

Obviously these two are craving attention. Ever since their time on Laguna Beach and The Hills, you can’t seem to get them out of the spotlight. With Heidi’s surgery scandal and Spencer acting like he is mentally ill, People Magazine and other’s like it, can’t seem to stop covering this fame addicted duo.

Clearly their publicist is working overtime and doing a pretty great job getting them out in the media. Do I recommend going about it the way that they do? Absolutely not. Desperate attempt to get into the media isn’t something that I would advise for my clients. Staging weddings, divorce, scandals, those aren’t things I would want my clients to be known for.


How do you feel about this fame hungry pair?

Guest Post

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For this weeks TOW, we are to feature a blog post that wasn’t written by us. This gives you a bit more insight into the views of others.

I chose to highlight a post from the wonderful Juliet Jones. She is amazing, not just as a person but creatively as well. She’s going places. This post is her tips on presenting. Really helpful if I do say so myself!

You can visit Juliet’s Blog Post here, or read it down below 🙂


TOW #11

November 4, 2010 by jgjonespr

Public Speaking can be a really scary thing. I personally do not enjoy it one bit. But there are ways you can overcome that fear. Here are some tips to help you be the best public speaker you can be.

1. Gather your Facts – It is never good to go into a presentation not knowing what your talking about. Hopefully if your giving a presentation in the first place, you know a little something about the subject your presenting. If you do not, do your research. Find facts about the presentation and look deeper into those facts. Gather your own thoughts on the information so that you can expand on the topic with your own opinion.

2. Dress the Part – It is always nice to dress professionally during a presentation. People will listen to you more if they think you are coming off professional. This even means your look. You do not want to go into a presentation wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. If your audience things you don’t care, they wont care.

3. Have some Visuals – Visuals can always help add that little extra something to a presentation. It keeps your audience’s attention and gives them visuals to view alongside your presentation. Powerpoint slides are great visuals to use!

4. Speak Clearly – Speak loud and clearly when presenting. Make sure everyone in the room can hear you, even those in the very back of the classroom. Also, do not rush your sentences. Make sure every sentence seems important and you take your time on each.

5. Eye Contact – Maintain eye contact throughout the entire presentation.

6. Ask questions – Ask questions to your audience members. Get them involved in the presentation to not only keep their attention, but to give you a breather!

7. Organize – Make sure your presentation is organized and has a great flow to it. Keep subjects consistent and within the same topic.

8. Make an outline – sometimes its good to do an outline of your presentation. It keeps you on track and helps you remember the important stuff.

9. Practice – Practice makes perfect! Do not forget to practice your presentation a few times before presenting it. It will give be confidence during the presentation and you will not feel that terrible feeling of “procrastination”.

10. Have fun – Do not forget to have fun! Even if you hate public speaking, make the best out of it! It is your time to shine and speak your mind! The attention is on you, and have fun with it!



10 Points for Gryffindor

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With tomorrow’s midnight opening, Harry Potter fan’s will be rejoicing for the first of the two part installment to be released. For weeks now, fans have been buying advance tickets and already this film is record breaking. Already this film has caused quite a stir for being the only film to be slated to play in 3,700 locations for a midnight showing, a feat that no film has ever achieved. After that, the film will be showing on over 9,000 screens across the country.

Showings everywhere have been sold out for days and because of the demand 3 a.m. showings have been added. The Cobb Theatre in Lakeland Fl has already had to go down that road, as both the midnight and 3 a.m. IMAX showings are already sold out. Don’t worry, I have my ticket.

So far it is reported that the film has already made $25 million in advance sales and shows no sign of stopping. I am curious though, is this record breaking film doing so well because of the Harry Potter series itself, the promotional appearances by the cast, ad campaigns, the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, or because it is the final installment of this series? My guess is that is is a mixture of all, but I have to say that the publicity for this film has been quality. The trailers are phenomenal, appearances by the cast on tv and print publications have been numerous, and the strategic opening of the theme park couldn’t have hurt. What are you thoughts?


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Monday it was announced that Facebook was implementing a new messaging service. This service is supposed to combine, email, chat,SMS, and messages into one convenient location.Facebook will provide an @facebook.com address to any user who wants it and will provide seamless messaging.

‘They will receive your message through whatever medium or device is convenient for them, and you can both have a conversation in real time.  You shouldn’t have to remember who prefers IM over email or worry about which technology to use.  Simply choose their name and type a message.” (Facebook blog)Messaging isn’t email. There isn’t any CC or BC lines. Instead this is a way to message and keep up with all contact with each friend. It is more like a running chat and enables you to message faster. “Messages is built for communicating with your friends, so it made sense to organize primarily around people.  All of your messages with someone will be together in one place, whether they are sent over chat, email or SMS. You can see everything you’ve discussed with each friend as a single conversation.” (Facebook Blog).

Even people who aren’t on Facebook will still be able to show up on your Messages Feed. “With new Messages, your Inbox will only contain messages from your friends and their friends. All other messages will go into an Other folder where you can look at them separately. If someone you know isn’t on Facebook, that person’s email will initially go into the Other folder. You can easily move that conversation into the Inbox, and all the future conversations with that friend will show up there.” (Facebook Blog).

This is really a revolutionary idea and will change the face of messaging. It seems really convenient and easy and also allows for all your friends, facebookers and non facebookers alike to be organised into one central hub.


For more information and for an informative video visit the Facebook Blog.


TOW 13: What Drives Journalists/PR Practitioners Crazy?

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Journalists Drive PR Practitioners Crazy When:

1. Keep digging for dirt

  • Journalist instead should respect the PR practitioners job and use information provided by the practitioner

2. More informative instead of painting a story

  • Instead should do both; paint a story and be informative

3. Ignore press releases

  • They are made for a reason and should be used to gather information

4.  Can be aggressive

  • Instead, they should be respectful

5. Can have many mistakes grammatical and spelling and not be reprimanded for it.

  • Instead, should be more cautious of their writing and make sure it is perfect before printing

PR Practitioners Drive Journalists Crazy When:

6. Fill up inbox with unnecessary emails

  • instead should make sure that all emails are important

7. Never reachable

  • Make sure that people can always get in touch. News never sleeps

8. Use excessive words/language instead of getting to the facts

  • Instead, they should paint a story without going overboard

9.  Call excessively

  • Instead, should be respectful of others and their job.

10. Be on time

  • Always be respectful of others and their time.

Real? Or Just Another Commercial?

09/11/2010 § 4 Comments

So I was visiting my favourite celebrity gossip site, Perez Hilton, and I came across this video. As one of the most romantic proposals Perez had ever seen, being a wedding fanatic myself, I had to check it out.

Now in the description, it is stated that this was all filmed on the iPhone and on secret hidden cameras. Perez posed the question is this real or fake. I decided to take a look for myself and suggest that you do the same and tell me what you think.

Personally, I think this is a brilliant ad campaign for Apple. It looks too well done and EVERYBODY in the video is using apple products, from the headphones and iPhones to the laptops. This just screams product placement. Also, how else to attract female consumers than by planting a brilliant proposal. Smart move Apple. Smart move. And if this is real, Apple should hire Frank because this was a great advertisement.