Week One Topic COMM 4333: Social Networking

07/09/2010 § 2 Comments

Social Networks and media play a vital part in today’s society. With so many options out there it is no wonder that most of today’s generation are getting into the social networks craze. Social networking provides you with means to not only communicate with others but provides professions the opportunity to do business related networking as well as promoting themselves and the business or service they are working with. Social networking is a great tool for marketing, branding, and pr because it allows you to reach so many people with ease.

Personally speaking, I use so many different forms of Social media that it is sometime hard to keep them straight. Of course, Facebook is a number one priority in my life. For those of you still living in the dark ages, Facebook is the number one social network on the internet today and links thousands of people together on one nifty site. Facebooks acts as a means for me to socialise and to keep in touch with family and friends that i can’t access physically. I also use facebook as a means of email. It is so easy to use and with so many people using it is a great way to stay in touch.

Another social media that I use frequently is Skype. While I was living in England this was an important media outlet because it allowed me video chats with my family back in the states. I was able to not only talk to my family for free but could see their lovely faces conveniently on my computer screen.

Twitter, Ping!, and myspace are other sites that I am affiliated with but I don’t use them often. Twitter I use as a means to stay up to date on all things entertainment. Ping! is so new that I rarely use it and myspace is on the opposite end of the spectrum– being virtuously extinct.

I have several blogs and I use them for more business related topics. Since I am a journalist, this is a great way to get my name and work out there for others to see.


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