Final Project: Social Media News Release

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In today’s society, when simple text is not enough and videos and status updates are what keeps the world informed on matters of high importance, it is only befitting that the PR industry and journalists as well are keeping up. This is where the Social Media News Release comes into play. Social Media News Releases or SMNRs, use multimedia outlets such as videos, links, and photos, and utilizes them in social media settings as a means of enhancing new releases and makes it easier and more user friendly for web browsers. ” Social media press releases provide links to additional resources that are helpful for story research and they also package information into formats that are easy to use for quotes and citing references/statistics. Images, audio and video also add impact to the release,” (TopRank Blog)

Like with any thing, there are advantages and disadvantages for using SMNRs. Because SMNRs are so interactive and user friendly, I must say the pros outweigh the cons however, issues with multimedia malfunctions can cause frustration and really make the use of SMNRs a bit more tricky. The pros of SMNRs are extensive, unlike its counterpart. SMNRs allow for optimum sharing, conversing, and searching. It also is a great story telling tool because visuals are involved and make the sharing of the news a bit more exciting. SMNRs engage the reader/view and really holds their attention. (wet paint) Sometimes, when news is complicated or there is a lot of information to get across, SMNRs can bypass that issue because the photos or videos can aid in the explanation. Also, because SMNRs are used for social media purposes, the information can be condensed and more concise for easy reading.

There are  two questions PR practitioners should ask in regards to  SMNRs: why and when should they be used. ” Of the many motivating factors for the use of social media press releases, there are two driving forces that stand out: The changing needs of the end consumer and increasing ease of use for the media,” (Toprank Blog). SMNRs really appeal to journalists, bloggers/podcasters, and consumers/readers. (wet paint) Because of this, PR practitioners should use SMNRs often. Now that we have established that, we should move on to when they should be used.  PR practitioners should be considered for any business to be honest. Who wouldn’t want great visuals, helpful links, and engaging videos to go along with the information they are trying to get across?  Social Media users are accustomed to using such things and if a company wants to stay current, they should hop on the SMNR train- and fast.

I’m sure you are asking yourself, ” does SMNRs really give good results. I’ll let some professionals over at RealWire answer that for me. “Like all press releases it is the content of your story that is key and ensuring it is told to the right people, however our coverage analysis suggests that the use of the format can assist in achieving around double the editorial coverage and up to four times as much on blogs. We think this is because it encourages clients to strive for greater creativity in their storytelling. You can find our blog post about the analysis here and reactions on Twitter here.”

Now that you are jumping at the bits to create an SMNR I have some tips for you.

  • Make sure your visuals are current and up-to-date. Readers appreciate you keeping up with the times and it holds their attention
  • Use quotations, detailed descriptions, and for blog posted SMNRs, some categories and tags. This really makes things easier for the reader and that is important.
  • Make sure your links/videos are in working order before you post them. This helps delete the negative connotations associated with SMNRs and again, adds to the ease of SMNRs.
  • Use key words or phrases, something that will work well on Social Media sites like Twitter, who only operate on short and concise phrases.

Now that you are well prepared and knowledgeable on SMNRs, you are well on your way to being a more effective and up-to-date PR practitioner.

Additional links to help you understand, create, and sample SMNRs:

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British Boy Band For Christmas!

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So, it should be no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have two loves– Glee and England.  This post isn’t dedicated to Glee. Sorry Gleeks, don’t worry there are plenty of them here so calm yourself. This one is dedicated to England. Well the English boy band, The Wanted, to be exact.

I’m in love with them. It is British music at it’s best. Cheesy and fun and so catchy that you can’t help but sing along. Listening to them brings me back to England, driving around my kiddies ( I was Mary Poppins to three children), and singing at the top of my lungs. It makes me a bit teary to even thing about it.

Back on track now, I promise. This year, The Wanted, has decided to do a lovely little marketing/pr strategy if I do say so myself and it is a The Wanted Advent Calendar. You can go to their website online and everyday from now until Christmas you can open up the little numbered windows and inside each one is something special from the band.

It is a nice way to communicate to the fans and is a great way to spread a little Christmas cheer. Watch this video to see this cute little band that I adore so much and hear more about the Advent Calender. Oh, and after, go check out their songs, “All Time Low,” “Heart Vacancy,” and “Lose My Mind.”

Jake and Taylor Swift: Taylor’s Next Biggest hit?

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So speculation between this pair has been going on for weeks now. Of course, both parties are keeping mum on the subject of a budding romance, but that hasn’t stopped the media and the fans for that matter from trying to catch these two together. Sources have reported that the two have been spotted around NYC and Nashville; grabbing coffee together or going for a good old fashion night out for ice cream. A few fuzzy photos from fans have been captured, but no paparazzi photos were published, that is until now. US Weekly has just released photos of the pair having a lovely stroll through Central Park in New York City. These photos have been held back for a few weeks now and were just released because the settlement of funds was reached. Wanna know how much these photos went for? Take a guess. Okay, I’ll tell you. A whopping $250,000.

What makes this couple so high in demand. Well, duh, it’s because we are all wondering if this is going to be Swift’s newest top selling song. We all know that every relationship Swift has been in has made it into her songs. “Back to December,” is about her relationship with Taylor Lautner, “Dear John,” obviously John Mayer, ” Forever and Always, ” about her and Joe Jonas, and “Better than Revenge, is about the girl that stole the JoBro away, Camilla Belle. All of this is speculation of course, but she makes it pretty obvious, so Jake better do Swifty right, because she might have a new single expressing what went down in their relationship.

Thank Goodness for PRSA

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So I am graduating in two weeks. I don’t want to talk about it. It is scary and really stressful. Honestly, I don’t recommend it. Okay, that was a bit of a joke but seriously, with no car, job, funds, or home to my name, I’m feeling the heat. My parents so kindly told me I am not allowed to come home after graduation. Now, I know that sounds harsh but they mean well. They want me to make it in the world and to apply myself. They want me to get out there and try, and if I fail then they’ll be there, but until then, I am basically screwed.

So the job hunt ensued. I can’t tell you how many job applications I have turned in. I wish there was a job that paid me to fill out job applications because I am now highly qualified for it. Job hunting is frustrating, especially in such a competitive field such as journalism and public relations. Getting responses whether it be yes OR no is difficult as well, but I must say that has really been helpful to me. is a website devoted to PR and they have a section where they post jobs related to the media field. I spent hours on this site and I can honestly say that i applied to every job that I was qualified for. Yes, I went through all 300 and some odd listings in my desired fields and applied.

Here’s hoping I get a job! Thanks PRSA for your help!

Update on Proposal Video

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So I called it. Sort of. The proposal video I mentioned a few weeks back is in fact a staged proposal. The proposal was conducted by Thinkmodo, a business specializing in marketing.

” Thinkmodo founder Michael Krivicka reveals:

“Since viral videos are both art and science, we wanted to merge both elements to introduce predictability to the videos’ success. As part of our ’study’ we staged an elaborate marriage proposal in Central Park and fused tech and romance to see how well each would be received if merged. Would men be drawn by the awesome iPhone app (which unfortunately doesn’t exist) or would women cry and wonder why Frank threw the ring (which was never in the box)? Since our video was covered by outlets like Glamour as well as CNET, we learned that, contrary to conventional wisdom, content can be made to appeal to both sexes without lessening the appeal to each.”

I knew this video was too good to be true. Here it is again, just in case you missed it.




Source: Perez Hilton: Read More: We Knew It Was A Hoax!! Called It! |
Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

PR Rehash:PR Consulting

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Just a quick recap on PR consulting. Sometimes we tend to have information overload so it is wise to recap and refresh your brain. Don’t worry. It’ll start coming back to the front of your mind in no time, but just to help you out a bit I have come up with some points to help you jog your memory.


  • PR Consultants work in firms and offer advice and services for a fee
    • The key to success is a truly collaborative culture.
  • Building and maintaining positive partnerships with clients may be the most important skill a consultant possesses

How clients use consulting firms

  • Many clients ask their firms for advice and counsel on the activities of the organization and its communication.
  • Firms often provide creative idea development as well
  • Many clients use consulting firms to manage specific programs that are well contained and can be delegated to the firm with a minimum of staff oversight
  • clients employ consulting firms to get work done efficiently.


Glee Broke My Heart

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So this week we are to post any video that we would like to highlight.  I wasn’t planning on using this from a PR standpoint but as I think about it I think the two can relate.

First, I must preface by saying that if you haven’t figured it out yet I am a total GLEEK. For those of you who don’t know what that is, let me pick my jaw up off the floor and inform you that it is a GLEE fan. I wish there was a term for someone who is well above just being a GLEEK because that would describe me. I could spend days talking about why I am the biggest fan ever but I digress.

This post isn’t dedicated to that topic, however, it is to discuss the Finchel status that was so heartbreakingly ruined last night on GLEE. Finchel is the cute nickname given to power couple Finn and Rachel. I was promised by Ryan Murphy, through interviews of course, that this season Finn and Rachel would be together for the full season. LIES. Last night I sat at my computer with a knot in my stomach because my worst fear came true. Finn and Rachel are no more. At least until next week. I have 6 days to mourn and then a few hours before the show starts to hope that some how they will reunite in the “Very GLEE Christmas” episode.

Of course, I took to Twitter and Facebook to express my disappointment with GLEE that night as well as to see what everyone else was saying. Well, I happened across this video and I think it sums up all my emotions quite well. I wish I was sitting with these folks when I was watching. It would have been comforting.